Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Graphic NewsPlus

Graphic NewsPlus (GNP) is the Graphic Communications Group Limited's (GCGL) electronic rendition of the firm's newspaper brands. While the focus is on GGCL, the firm will open up its system to include other brands interested in a platform to enhance synergies across various companies.

The GNP also includes selected videos from the firm's Youtube Channel to enhance users' experience. For those interested in Podcasts or audio news, this system has got you covered. The incorporated text-to-audio feature lets you 'read' the paper on the move.

 On occasion, the company may send you notifications to inform you when a newspaper is released, your subscription expires, a new event is launched, or there is a general announcement.

Stick and stay with us to enjoy daily premium and authentic news stories.


2. How do I subscribe to Graphic NewsPlus


Go to the store and download the app. You can purchase a paper outright or go ahead to create a subscription. Just select a purchasing option and follow through the steps to complete your subscription.

A user can also pay with a credit or debit card supported by the payment gateway. If you have any challenges, kindly send us a mail at or

 For further inquiries, please email us at or You can also reach us by filling in the form under Contact Us.