About Graphic Communications Group Limited


"Graphic Communications Group Ltd is a news publishing media organisation in Ghana established in 1950. We are known for professionalism in journalism and it is a virtue we jealously guard. Our publications have, therefore, gained so much credibility with readers that in Ghana, “Graphic” means “newspaper.” Our products include 1. Daily Graphic Newspaper 2. Graphic Online News Portal 3. Graphic Mirror Newspaper 4. Graphic Business Newspaper 5. Graphic Sports Newspaper 6. Junior Graphic Newspaper 7. Graphic Showbiz Newspaper"

Graphic Communications Group Ltd is a company working to empower humanity with true information and help build a global society whose members are well-informed and can freely express their opinions and take others’ opinions as well as make informed choices because they have facts, whether about products, services or state policies. We do this by producing news that is well-researched, balanced and factual. Also, through advertising, we empower people with information on goods and services to enable them to make choices, knowing why they choose a particular product over others. In doing this, we make a firm commitment to infuse excellence into all that we do.

We hold the view that any product or service from us must exceed customers’ expectations. This means we should constantly be looking for new ways to make our products and services more exciting without losing quality. Innovativeness is, therefore, one of the values we cherish. We serve news to readers through channels they prefer. Hence, we are aggressively engaged in the digitization of news in order to make it possible for our readers to get the news where they have shown to be their preference – the digital space. 

Graphic NewsPlus
Graphic NewsPlus provides you with digital versions of Graphic Communications’ six leading newspaper publications. The Daily Graphic, Graphic Business, Graphic Showbiz, TheMirror, Graphic Sports and Junior Graphics

Graphic NewsPlus offers readers access to both digital versions of newspapers and content from our 24-hour news website in addition to breaking news alerts. The app is also packed with multimedia content such as our video documentaries, podcasts, voice notes and photo galleries carefully curated to inform, entertain and educate you of the current and latest news in Ghana.


  1. Digital Replicas of the six newspapers
  2. Real-time breaking news alerts
  3. 24 Hour News feed from Graphic
  4. Access to previously purchased papers.
  5. Ability to listen to the news on the go.
  6. Access to both the web version and app.
  7. Opportunity to access the company's and other magazines